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BiarritzTop 10 phrases to get by in holiday French

French for Travellers – Le  Voyage:
Learn some basic French vocabulary related to travel

1. Excusez-moi sil vous plait… Excuse me

2. Combien coûte… ?   How much does … cost?

3. Pouvez-vous maider ?   Can you help me?

4. Je voudrais une chambre…  I would like a room…
…pour une / deux nuits   …for one night / two nights

5. Où se trouve le restaurant / bar?  Where is the restaurant / bar?

6. Où est le centre ville?   Where is the town centre

7. Je voudrais louer une voiture… I would like to hire a car

8. Où peut-on trouver un taxi? Where can you find a taxi?

9. À quelle heure est le prochain bus pour? What time is the next bus for?

10. Je vais à  quel terminal?  What terminal do I need to go to?

Children and adults learn languages in different ways but adults have 2 important advantages, the first is that they are interested in the language and culture and the second is that they already have a developed first language to compare the new one to, so as long as you are interested it is never too late!

Whatever your level, the best way to learn French is to study in France or Canada where the language is spoken. French courses are available in over 12 locations from 1 week upwards to suit all budgets so to get your French on track, why not learn French in France with