Kirsty’s foodie French sayings – Learn French in France

Bull hornsIf you are hungry in France (and there’s really no excuse here in foodie heaven), here’s some top tips to blend in with the locals…

Je mangerais un bœuf (*) literally means – I could eat a bull
The equivalent of the English expression ‘I could eat a horse’, except in French it’s a bull – perhaps thats because they do eat horse or is that an urban myth?

J’ai la dalle (*) literally means – I’ve got the paving-stone
Imagine you are hungry, really really hungry – to the point where you feel you have a paving-stone in your stomach (?) If you had a paving stone then perhaps you’d feel more full but hey, who says the sayings need to make sense.

Un casse-dalle (**) means – a paving-stone breaker
So when you finally get to eat and satisfy your hunger, here’s what you exclaim when your ‘paving stone’ has been broken. Strange but true.

And if what you’ve eaten is good, here’s a few things to express your satisfaction to your host…
Super, Bon or if it’s really tasty say ‘Super bon’ – Super good

And if you hang out in KFC here’s the Colonel’s favourite phrase…
Je m’en lèche les doigts  – Finger licking good… (I’m licking my fingers)

So if the paving stones in your stomach are making you hungry, head to France to learn French in France and why not combine with a cooking course which would be super bon.