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Hot on my return from my Spanish language and Flamenco course in sunny Seville and in celebration of our new Compas and Palmas Course at our wonderful Flamenco school set in the heart of Seville’s Flamenco district here is a little glossary of some useful Flamenco terms that will help you sound like a pro if you are on your way or act as a little refresher…..

Alegrias – A joyful dance, in rhythm of 12 beats typically from Cadiz. The main characteristics of this style are the richness of its guitar accompaniment and it’s uplifting sound

Arpegio – A chord where notes are played one after the other

Baile – Dance

Bailaor / Bailaora – Dancer (male or female)

Braceo – Arm movements made during dancing

Bulerias – Dance and rythm from Jerez

Cantaor/a -Flamenco singer (male or female)

Cante – Song

Cante chico -Light song

Cante jondo -Profound song

Cante grande – Even more profound song!

Cejilla – A Guitar Capo

Colombianas – Flamenco style influenced by South American rhythms

Compás – A beat, rhythm, measure, the characteristic rhythm of a form

See our Compas and Plamas course for more details

Copla – A verse

Cuadro – A group of flamenco performers

Falda – A Skirt

Falseta – Short melodies played by the guitarist in between sung verses

Fandango – A traditional Flamenco dance from Huelva

Farruca – A magnificent dance, performed mostly by men and results in a very dramatic performance

Floreo – Meaning to blossom, it is a hand movement in flamenco dance where the hand mimics a blossoming flower

Gitano – A Gypsy

Golpe – Meaning to beat or hit this term refers to the technique of tapping the top of the guitar for percussion

Lletra – Song Lyrics

Malagueñas –  A traditional style of flamenco derived from earlier types of fandango from the area of Málaga

Mantones – Embroidered flamenco shawls

Palillos – Castanets

Palmas – Hand clapping used to accompany flamenco performers

Picado – This flamenco guitar technique is used for playing melodies or to accentuate specific notes within an arpeggio

Pulgar – thumb

Rasgueado – A guitar finger strumming technique it is executed using the fingers of the strumming hand in rhythmically precise and rapid manner

Sevillanas – Traditional folk song and dance proceeding from the seguidilla manchega

Soleares – is one of the most basic forms or “palos” probably originated around Cádiz or Seville the mother of flamenco song

Tablao – club with stage for flamenco shows

Tacaor – Flamenco guitarist

Tacon – Heel

Taconeo – Footwork

Toque – Playing an instrument (guitar in this case)

Toque Libre – Playing the guitar to a free from rhythm

Tremolo – Playing guitar strings in an up and down motion with a pick, the thumb playing an arpeggio fingers while fingers play a repeated note

If this gives you a taste for this incredible art form or even inspired you to learn some Spanish the check out some of our Spanish courses in Seville.

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