Kirstys cool Italian – Learn Italian

Learn Italian in Italy
Here’s my top 5 phrases to pull out of the bag when in Italy to sound like a ‘cool’ Italian:

1. Andiamo prendere un boccone – lets go get a snack

2. Costa un occhio della testa – It costs an arm and a leg (lit. an eye from your head)

3. Che cavalo!? – What on earth (lit.- what the cabbage?!)

4. In bocca al lupo – Good luck (lit. In the mouth of the wolf)

5. Da leccarsi le dita – Finger licking good

Whatever your level, the best way to learn Italian is to study in Italy; so you can put your Italian into practice outside of the classroom.

Italian courses are available in over 8 locations across Italy with courses from 1 week upwards to suit all budgets so to get your Italian on track, why not learn Italian in Italy with