Katys Spanish phrases – Learn Spanish

It’s that time of year when everyone starts sniffling and sneezing and feels a bit under the weather. Don’t let that stop your Spanish learning! Here’s some Spanish phrases for health and wellbeing:

Estar pachucho (*) – to be poorly. (lit:- To be overripe)

Estar achacoso (*) – to suffer ailments of old age but it can also be used in a more general sense to indicate you’re not feeling your best!

Estar como un cañón (*) lit:-  to be like a canon, i.e. in great health and full of energy

Ser mano de santo (*) – to be a good remedy (lit: – To be a saint’s hand)

Estar vivo/a y coleando – to be alive and kicking. (in Spanish instead of kicking you wag your tail!)

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