Katy’s foodie Spanish sayings – Learn Spanish

The Spanish are notoriously proud of their food and wine, and rightly so…make like a wise Spanish food lover with some of these Spanish foodie phrases.

– Una fiesta sin comida no es fiesta cumplida – A party without food is isn’t a party at all

– Barriga llena, corazón contenta – Full tummy, happy heart

– El vino alegra el ojo, limpia el diente y sana el vientre – Wine pleases the eye, cleans the palate and nourishes the stomach

– El hambre es mala consejera – Hunger is a bad advisor

– Buen alimento, mejor pensamiento – Food for thought

So if that tapas of foodie Spanish sayings has whet your appetite for learning Spanish, check out where you can learn Spanish in Spain or why not combine a Spanish course with cooking to put your new phrases into practice!