Learn Spanish: Katy’s cool Spanish words

The multi-functional word ‘cool’ is useful in any language.

Here’s how to ‘be cool’ in Spanish whichever Hispanic country you’re in, from Spain to Venezuela.

How to say ‘cool’ in Spanish

  • Argentina – “langa” (noun: cool person)
  • Spain – “molar” (verb: to be cool)
  • Mexico- “chido” (adjective: cool)
  • Peru- “bácan” (adjective: cool)
  • Colombia- “bacano” (adjective: cool)
  • Venezuela- “chevere” (adjective: cool)

So if you fancy putting your Hispanic ‘coolness’ into practice, check out all our exciting language holiday destinations.

You can learn Spanish in Spain or head for some winter sun and learn Spanish in Argentina or Costa Rica. For the super cool how about combining Spanish and surf !