Intensive French courses in France

French immersion course FranceIf you are looking for a more intensive learning experience, then a French Immersion course could be perfect for you. have a unique range of French immersion courses that offer a chance to live-in with your teacher to really accelerate your learning. Immerse yourself in local culture and speak only French and by the time you leave you’ll be thinking as well as talking like a native!

These courses are perfect if you need to learn French for work, for exams or you are short on time and you know you learn better in an individual one-on-one basis rather than in a group class.

Living with the locals gives you an amazing insight into the culture of a country as well as the language. Your vocabulary will grow at a rapid pace as will your conversational ability. Being immersed in the language 24/7 living in with a host teacher and making yourself understood is a valuable experience and the aim is to have you ‘thinking’ in French by the end of your stay.

You’ll be treated like a member of the family who has come to stay so you’ll be welcomed warmly into the home and can tag along with your host as they go about their day to day business. You are also completely free to come and go as you please so if you want to take time out, feel free as it’s your holiday after all.  We always take as many details from you as possible to find the best possible fit with a host teacher so be sure to tell us of any interests, hobbies or even dislikes!

Choose from courses in Paris, Nice, Cote D’Azur area and Provence for the best that France has to offer.

Crash courses from £740 including all meals, private tuition, drinks and an outing with your tutor…

Get more from your language holiday, try an intensive French course in France and learn to speak like a native – now you’re talking….