Immersive language holidays: answers to your frequently asked questions

Staying with a native speaking teacher can be an amazing way to learn a language at an excelled rate, along with a wonderful cultural experience. Below, we’ve answered some of the typical questions people tend to have before signing on for a language immersion experience to help you better understand your time abroad:

1. Will the host/family include me in their daily lives? Are all three meals eaten together?

All three meals are eaten together and the family is there to welcome you as a friend who has come to stay, so you are included in their daily life. All of our teachers love having students live with them and look forward to welcoming them into their homes and cultures.

2. How hands-on is the teacher in lending me cultural experiences? Will they point me in the right direction around town, or serve as a guide to see the area?

The teacher will point you in the right direction and will be there to assist/advise you; however, they will only serve as a guide if you have booked cultural visits.

3. Will I be included on family outings such as sports events, restaurants, shopping, etc.?

Yes, of course! As a family friend, you’ll be invited out as any family visitor staying with them would be asked, and you are free to accept or decline. If you decide to go along, plan to pay your own way, as outings like this are not included in the price of your holiday and should be paid for by you (not your host family).

4. Which certifications must be met by each of the immersion teachers?

All of our teachers are professionals, and must have a teaching certificate recognised by their country and/or a university degree with at least two years teaching experience. Many of them have further degrees in other subjects as well, and a diversity of interests.

5. Are my arrival and departure times flexible?

Yes, but you should travel if possible at “civilised” hours; for example after 9 in the morning and before 9 in the evening. If there are outstanding situations or flight times, they will try to accommodate you the best they can.

6. Are all teachers fluent in English?

No, the teachers are fluent in the language they teach, but they are not necessarily all fluent in English, although a lot of them have a good understanding of it. If you wish to have a teacher who is fluent in English, do request it at the time of enrolment.

7. Do all teachers have wifi in their homes?

Not all do but, most of them do! Just be sure to specify if this is a necessity for you.

8. Am I allowed to buy my own food and store it there if I have special demands or diet?

You are of course free to do so; however, this will not mean the cost of your language package is cheaper. Rather, you can book a special diet that the family will cater for so that you do not worry about it.

For certain cases, there is a supplement for this, though for vegetarians there is no special cost. For any allergens, you can just be sure to list them upon enrolment so your host knows what to avoid.

9. Can I come and go as I please to make new friends or explore?

If you are an adult, you are free to spend your free time however you choose – go explore the area or feel free to ask your teacher how to get to points of interest. Our teachers only ask that you make a quiet entrance at night so as not to disturb the household.

If you are a minor, you have to respect the instructions given by your parents; as well as any house rules in place by your host family.

10. Do I have to study in a particular region of Spain or China to learn Spanish/Mandarin as regions fluctuate in dialect?

No, you do not need to go to a particular region, the host families in all areas speak the language offered as listed, so for an example, Castellano for Spanish and Mandarin for Chinese.

A note for prospective students:

When enquiring for a teacher, please let us know your age, nationality, gender, and a little bit about yourself. Feel free to include some interests, or things you may want to see while there. If you have any allergies, or food preferences, let us know as well.

If you have any other questions, please let us know in a comment below or by getting in touch; we’re happy to help! We want you to have a wonderful learning and cultural language holiday experience, and will do our best to find you someone who will connect with you and your needs.