Guest review: Nadine’s third Spanish language holiday with GoLearnTo

Nadine has travelled with NotInTheGuideBooksin the past to learn Spanish on a language holiday in both Nerja and Granada. Third time round, she went for intermediate Spanish in the beautiful city of Valencia.

Here’s what she had to say about the Spanish language school, experience, and free time:

1. How was your language learning holiday as a solo traveller?

It was all great. I enjoyed both the Spanish course itself and my free time in the beautiful city of Valencia.

2. Was there a lot of choice for extra curricular activities from the school?

Yes, there was a wide variety of activities for us to choose to engage in. I did an ‘intercambio’ on the Monday night (a language exchange with a native speaker), a Paella party on the Tuesday, Wednesday I had free so I did some exploring, I attended a cookery class on Thursday, and joined in on the final fiesta on the Friday.

All of this makes it a perfect language course for the solo traveller with plenty of ways to meet other people, engage with native speakers and, of course, practise speaking Spanish!

3. How was it staying in a shared apartment?

My roommate was the actual owner of the apartment, so I met her the first day when I checked in and didn’t see her until my day of departure. I don’t think she stayed in the apartment all week. It was nice, however, to have a place to come and go in, and to cook for myself and not have to eat out for every meal.

4. What were your favourite classroom teaching techniques?

I liked the fact the school summarised the classes at the end, and used schoology so you could go over vocabulary and the concepts learned throughout the week. Schoology is a great way to keep on top of things as well as to share content and resources.

5. Who did you meet?

I met loads of students in my class, and got to know a lot of the teachers at the nightly events, so I never really felt I was on a solo trip. I also met a family over the weekend in Valencia who were visiting.

6. How did you spend your evenings and free time?

My evenings were a perfect combination of attending the school extracurricular activities, exploring the city on foot, and sightseeing.

7. Did your Spanish improve?

Yes! I thought the language school was one of the best I have attended in terms of organisation and extra activities. They really go out of their way to get you involved and feel welcomed and part of the school community.

Do not be hesitant to go on your own to improve a language. Most of the students attend on their own, there’s plenty to see and do, and you’ll make some great new friends along the way. I highly recommend it!

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