Having studied Spanish before in Valencia, Isabel decided to go for another round of it, this time in the beautiful city of Granada.

Having done a lot of travelling within Spain, Granada was still on her to do list, along with visiting the famed Alhambra Palace. In addition to her Spanish classes, she decided to take a Spanish and hiking course which would include 2 glorious hikes in the Sierra Nevada mountains to see what region’s countryside had to offer.

We asked her a few questions to find out more about her time there:

How much did your Spanish improve?

I realise I have to work very hard on my verbs and my speaking still needs lots of work. I did use my Spanish when I was out and about. I can understand a lot more than I speak and when I ask a local a question, I can understand their answers. Learning a language in the native country really helps you get out and about and put it into practical use.

How were the Spanish lessons?

The Spanish classes were small, and there were 3 of us. I am 65 years old, and I was the oldest in our small beginner’s class but this made absolutely no difference; we all started on the same page. Being only 3 of us, I couldn’t “hide” in the numbers, I really had to participate and speak up, but it was great. I really was the worst speaker in the class but they did nothing but encourage and applaud me!

Was there a lot of choice for extracurricular activities provided by the school?

The language school will always have events going that you can join in on; whether it be a flamenco show, or tapas, etc. You can prepare by bringing a bit of spending money for the events that interest you. The Alhambra requires tickets purchased well in advance (and therefore cannot be bought through the school), but I highly encourage you to plan for it and make some time!

What was a typical evening like?

I didn’t opt for a home stay or the shared student apartments, rather I booked myself into a nearby hotel. I was in the classroom everyday, and 2 days of the week I did the hiking in the afternoons (which went from 3-4.5 hours), spent one day at the Alhambra, so I must say, I just explored the city then went back for a great night’s sleep. After the first hike, however, the 4 of us did hit the town for some well deserved tapas and drinks.

What was your most memorable part of the trip?

I really, I mean really, loved the hiking. The guide, who was also a Spanish teacher at the language school, was refreshingly passionate about the area and had heaps of knowledge about everything; the rivers, flora and fauna, and history – he genuinely loves it. He took his time with the hikes, and was very thoughtful to everyone’s pace and needs, as well as very conscious of everyone physical abilities. The whole area is absolutely beautiful – stunning scenery, and a terrific guide. Without doubt the highlights of my holiday!

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