French is the most romantic language – so why not learn French in France?

Many travellers think knowing the local language of their destinations gives their holiday a boost, but this doesn’t always motivate them to learn one.

More than three quarters of Australian holiday makers say being equipped with the local tongue is key, but only 64 per cent have bothered to learn, a recent survey has revealed.

Of the 8,615 people involved in the online poll conducted by expedia, 87 per cent said that learning a second language in school should be made compulsory.

Of the European languages, those polled said they were most enthusiastic to learn French (37 per cent); Italian attracted 29 per cent, and Spanish almost a quarter.

Breaking the language barrier undoubtedly allows people to have a deeper cultural experience as well as boosting career opportunities.

Australians are on the right track by picking French as their most desirable language. French is an ideal second language for Australians travelling abroad.

Apart from French being spoken in France, Canada, the Caribbean, Vietnam and Africa, there are also a number of French-speaking destinations closer to home, such as the South Pacific islands of Tahiti and New Caledonia.

Australians also confirmed – French is the most romantic language, with 61 per cent vouching for the notion according to the survey.

Italian picked up a distant second place with 28 per cent.

Meanwhile, Australians said they thought that German would be the trickiest to learn.  They obviously hadn’t tried Japanese, Chinese or Arabic!

Interest in international travel is greater than ever, and the sense of living in a global village grows stronger so in the words of the Australian tourist board ad’s – when it comes to learning a language in the country where the language is spoken – “Where the bloody hell are you?”

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