What to expect on your Spanish language holiday in Costa Rica

This gorgeous activity school, located on Jaco beach in Costa Rica, is the perfect place to brush up on your Spanish while making the most of the environment.

Spanish lessons here can be combined with photography classes in the lush nature, surfing in the Pacific Ocean, or yoga on the beach. We know. It’s amazing.

Although the beachside location, friendly locals and fantastic additional activities sell themselves, you may want to know what your hours inside the classroom will be like so a few of the certified teachers got together to answer your frequently asked questions about learning Spanish in Costa Rica.

What do students do in a typical language class?

That totally depends on the level of Spanish they’re in. Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate, and Intermediate-Advanced levels are available, in durations ranging from 1 week to 1 month and beyond.

Our program meets international university standards for Spanish but focuses on the skills you need for practical and fast communication with native speakers.

Spanish lessons cover new material for approximately two hours per day in class, based on level. Then students meet again with an instructor for another hour of lab.

Lab is a practical application of the Spanish you learned during class that day. Labs are designed to reinforce the lessons covered in class through games, field trips, homework help, and fun activities such as cooking regional foods or attending cultural events.

Spanish language students in Costa Rica

Students from the school in Costa Rica

What techniques seem to help students learn the most?

Our program focuses on the skills you need for practical and fast communication with native speakers.

We strongly believe in “learning by doing” but we also make sure the students have a good foundation when it comes to grammar and vocabulary.

How would you recommend preparing for a language course?

It always helps to learn some basic vocabulary! There are many useful/playful apps that can help you prepare a little, like Duolingo for example.

How much can students expect to learn in a week?

It’s very hard to predict an expected “result” since everyone learns at a different speed. It also totally depends on how serious students are when it comes to doing homework and practising on the street (ordering food, buying groceries, small conversations with locals, etc.).

We always recommend you speak as much Spanish as possible while you are here. People in Costa Rica are very warm and welcoming, and always willing to help.

Just tell them that you’re learning and they will love to practise Spanish with you!

As teachers, what are some of your preferred lesson activities?

two men stand on beach with surf board

Some students choose to surf too

Personally, we really enjoy the focus on conversational Spanish. In the beginner levels, we’re so proud when we notice that after a lot of practice, students can form correct sentences and have small conversations.

With the more advanced students, we love that we can go a bit more ‘in depth.’ We always try to adjust the class to individual needs or preferences. Last month we had an advanced student who loved poetry. So we found this amazing Costa Rican poet, and together we explored his amazing work.

That must be the nicest thing about the job. We teach the students Spanish but they also teach us so much about their lives, their cultures and interests!

What cultural activities does your school offer to help students experience the local culture?

We love to take the students to local places, like the fruit stand across the street, or the weekly farmers market in town. Instead of just learning the names of Costa Rica’s finest fruits & vegetables, they can see, feel & taste them, which makes learning (and memorizing) so much easier! It’s also a wonderful way to start and practice conversations.

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