What to expect when you go to learn Spanish in Seville

What better place to work on your Spanish than in the romantic capital of Andalucia – Seville.

Roughly about 2,200 years old, the mix of cultures, personalities, scents, foods and perfectly preserved historical centre with tastes of Roman, Moorish and Castilian scattered everywhere, it is the perfect setting to dive right into the local culture and language.

When not exploring every enchanting corner or having tapas with new friends, you may find yourself in a group with like-minded people, in a classroom, improving your Spanish by day, and letting loose and practising at night over some rioja with the locals.

We asked one of our fantastic Spanish language teachers in Seville what to expect when you go to study Spanish in Seville.

1. What do students do during a typical class?

Our classes consist of focusing mainly on two areas; first in grammar, then in conversation. Students will use many learning skills to grasp conversation, and use grammar in both the reading and writing of different situations. As a base for learning, we use a lot of Spanish culture and lifestyle in Spain, which will give students a better understanding during their time in Seville. With some culture, grammar, some listening and a bit of speaking, they can fit right in in no time!

2. What techniques seem to help students learn the most?

I think the best thing for language learning is getting students to feel comfortable together in the classroom through various activities to get over shyness. Language learning can be a lot of fun, and we can use acting, pair work and group work to help people feel at ease with one another.

3. How would you recommend preparing for a language course?

If you really want to learn, just come join us and relax; the people are friendly here and happy to help you during your stay. If you would like to help yourself learn a bit prior to arrival, there are many different language apps available now which can help any new language learner. Another great way to prepare is to read up on our culture, city and its people before coming, so you have an idea of what to expect.

4. How much can students expect to learn in a week?

Each student is different in their learning; which relies on a lot of self motivation. If you choose to stay with a local host family, you can use your Spanish every day, and this will definitely accelerate your learning. If you would like to join in some of our cultural activities, this will also give you more opportunity to learn more outside of the classroom.

5. What’s the breakdown of classroom techniques (example: 10% solo work, 60% pairwork, 20% group work, 10% teacher to student 1 on 1)?

15 – 20% presenting
35 – 40 % group activities
35 – 40 % free communication
10 % questions, summarising

6. What are some of the extracurricular cultural activities your school offers to help people explore your city and meet others?

We offer a great range of activities for anyone to join; they all are a great way to get to know Seville, other teachers and students, and get involved. Here are a few ideas of what we do in our free time:

Orientation walk through the school and in the enticing old quarter of Seville
Movie class
Quiz evening
Pronunciation class
Excursion to different places in and around Seville
Sport activities
Culture activities (museums, shows, etc)
Language exchange with a native Spanish speaker
Rooftop lounge to mingle on sunny days

Come on by and experience life like a local in stunning Seville. Be sure to ask what activities we have for you to join in on upon your arrival.

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