Dubai lives the post-oil Arab dream

Dubai is a fascinating socio-political model for the 21st century: a melting pot of neo-liberalism and “subterranean” economy, Sunni Arab Islam and low taxes, souks and artificial islands, a giant warehouse and a tourist paradise, life in the fast lane and a consumer-mad society.

Dubai has a growing population of around 700,000 and describes itself as a “door to a market of more than 1 billion consumers”. It aims to create not only the first post-oil economy in the Persian Gulf but also the world’s greatest post modern city.

Somewhat Disney-esque with its ski dome, 7 star hotels, artificial islands and gleaming shopping centres, Dubai is literally a city growing up whilst you watch.

Dubai represents the essence of globalization at work 24 hours a day, creating opportunities for all that decide to live there and share in the exciting development of this incredible city.

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