Clubbing and classrooms – learn Spanish in Ibiza

Forget wild images conjured up by TV programmes such as Ibiza uncovered that make all parents of 18-26 year olds wince when you announce you want to spend a few weeks in Ibiza over the Summer. has come up with the perfect parent pleasing trip combining clubbing with classroom for a crazy mixed up holiday to put a smile on Mum and Dad’s face (just don’t mention the clubbing bit).

Clubbing and classrooms don’t naturally go together but with’s new afternoon Spanish course Ibiza specifically designed for night owls is the perfect way to keep everyone happy.

Here’s the deal:

You take Spanish lessons every afternoon from Monday to Friday (weekends are free) starting at a civilised 3pm each afternoon leaving your mornings free to sleep late after a night out or to kick back on one of Ibiza’s stunning beaches to work on your tan practising your Spanish as you order a cerveza or aqua sin gas if you are feeling virtuous.

You’ll finish lessons by 6.30pm leaving plenty of time for a ‘disco nap’ before heading out for something to eat Spanish time around 11pm (ordering in your best Spanish of course) followed by a drink under the stars before hitting the clubs.

1 week of Afternoon Spanish lessons costs just £191, you can include accommodation and get a week in Ibiza with accommodation & Spanish lessons for less than £399.  Longer durations available and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to spend 2,3,4 weeks or even longer in Ibiza?

Keep your parents happy and get more from your summer holiday as you’ll bring home new language skills that will stay with you long after the clubbing memories have faded.

Visit now to book your place.