Find your destiny in Sicily…

Elizabeth, a student in her 20’s has written about her experience learning Italian at one of our fantastic language schools in Sicily and spending 6 months in Italy…

Taormina is a small town filled with history, beauty, and love!  I spent a total of four months studying in Italy.  Six weeks of this time I spend studying the Italian language at a language school in Taormina.  I do not know what my future has to hold, but up to this point it was the greatest six months of my life!

I have always felt like something was calling me to Sicily and I have never felt more at home in a city until Taormina.  I can now see myself living in Taormina for the rest of my life after I finish nursing school.  The town is filled with history and every aspect of the Sicilian life is based on ancestors.  The town is beautifully placed on a cliff overlooking the beaches and everywhere you turn you will see beauty… whether it is in the town itself, at the beach, or even inside a family owned restaurant.

My Italian had improved, but I was not satisfied.  After my six weeks, I had finally reached my goal!  I learned so much in class everyday with grammar and conversation and even more when I took part in the after school activities.  The teachers were amazing and always willing to go the extra step to explain a word, phrase, or sentence when a student did not understand.  The cultural activities were a way to get to know the Sicilian culture and lifestyle.

Every trip, tour, dinner, movie, and much more was another way to practice the language with other peers and hear information that you can not hear anywhere else in the world.  I absolutely loved the diversity of the school!  All the students were from different countries and the common language among us was Italian.  Not only did I learn the Italian culture, but I was able to appreciate and understand other cultures from all over the world.

Looking back on my time spent in Taormina I realize that every place we go, all the experiences we have, and all the people we meet help to make us who we are and shape our destiny.  I feel like I have found mine…maybe Taormina can help you find yours!

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