Announcing the launch of a new Japanese course in Japan

lg_japan_aJapan – home to sushi, geishas, sumo, samurai, karate, hello kitty and ultra modern high-technology mixed with the traditional.  See the famed cherry blossoms in the spring or ski the Japanese Alps in the winter.

Indulge in Japanese cuisine and buy your alcohol from vending machine! Admire the many temples and shrines devoted to the two national religions and travel Japan-style on a transport system that’s never delayed. are pleased to announce the launch of their new Japanese course in Fukuoka.

Here’s a few everyday Japanese phrases and words to start you off :

1. Ohayou gozaimasu (good morning)
The Japanese are super polite so follow suit and they’ll be more than accommodating.
2. Kon’nichiwa (hello)
A well-known Japanese greeting.
3. Sayounara (goodbye)
Another well-known Japanese word meaning goodbye.
4. Wakarimasen (I don’t understand)
It’s ok to admit you aren’t a Japanese language expert.
5. Arigatou (thank you)
The most important word in the land of politeness!
6. Hai/iie (yes/no)
7. Kanpai (cheers)
Kanpai for the sake!
8. One to ten
ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku, shichi, hachi, kyu, ju
9. Kawaii (cute)
But everything in Japan seems to be cute! Use it for anything and everything which is cute.
10. Oishii (delicious)
If you taste something nice, either food or drink, simply say ‘oishii’ to give it your seal of approval!

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