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Private language lessons

As with learning any new skill, the more 1 on 1 time you have with the teacher, the faster you will be able to adapt to learning it and learning it well. So when it comes to learning a new language, private language lessons can be the most beneficial. A… Read More »

Group language learning

The most popular way to learn a language is learning it within a group environment where you learn with others who are roughly the same level as you. Classes focus on the four main language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing combined with a healthy dose of local culture…. Read More »

Why take home one when you can take two….

Be inspired by our Language and Activity courses Get out of the classroom and put your language lessons into practice on a combined language and activity course. Book a learning holiday with a difference and learn to speak a new language whilst pursuing a passion for scuba diving, dance, surfing,… Read More »

GoLearnTo’s top 10 destinations

People rate their 'Top 10 destinations' for many reasons and it always seems to focus on the destination…here's my take on the Top 10 destinations for some slightly different reasons… Váš lékař by měl vědět o následujících zdravotních problémech. Hlášení podezření na nežádoucí účinky činí 1 procento. Průměrný distribuční objem… Read More »

Live-in and learn at your teachers home

Arguably the best way to learn a language is to completely immerse yourself in the lifestyle and culture so you have the chance to converse at all times in the mother tongue.  You will start to think in the language, your confidence will soar and you’ll learn real life day… Read More »

Recording the ‘Something to Declare’ programme

Recording took place for the Independent newspaper’s magazine radio programme ‘Something to Declare’ last night at Stanfords Travel Book shop in Covent Garden, London. All sorts of recording paraphernalia was set-up on two round tables on the first floor of the shop whilst shoppers milled around browsing travel books and trying not… Read More »

GoLearnTo recommended for learning holidays by the Telegraph newspaper

Sophie Butler of The Telegraph recommends to a reader looking for a learning holiday with a difference. …Learn something new this summer but need inspiration. Sophie Butler replies ‘Try NotInTheGuideBooks( which covers courses, ranging from making perfume to Chinese lessons abroad.’

GoLearnTo – The Independent Newspaper’s ‘Innovation of the Week’

GoLearnTo receives a mention as ‘Innovation of the Week’ in this week’s Independent Newspaper… Click here to read the full Independent article…

Make 2009 the year you learn a new language features in Prima magazine’s January edition urging you to make 2009 the year you learn a new language. With close to a 1000 language courses to choose from and with prices as low as £70 for 1 week’s tuition as well as exciting accommodation options including staying with a local family for… Read More »