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Amazing Experiences in Cornwall

From ancient castles shrouded in mystery to the culinary delights of the Cornish Pasty, there are plenty of amazing experiences in Cornwall that you definitely won’t want to miss. It’s a county packed full stunning scenery and friendly people – but it can be easy to miss out on the… Read More »

Top Tips for Visiting Snowdonia

Our top tips for visiting Snowdonia are really all about helping you get the most from one of the most stunning regions in the whole of the UK. With snow-dusted mountains that touch the sky and rolling green valleys, the contrast is always breath-taking to behold. And whether you’re setting… Read More »

Isolation Activity – Patrick, Italy

This week, we’ve been chatting to Patrick Nicholas, from Camera Etrusca in Orvieto, Italy. He is an exceptional photographer, and he has been focusing on keeping his creative juices flowing during lockdown. As restrictions begin to be lifted where he is, he reflects on exactly how he’s managed to stay… Read More »

5 Different things to do in London

With nearly 30 million visitors each year, finding unusual activities to do in London can seem an impossible task. But with a town as old as it is new, so rich in history and tradition, there’s always a stone left unturned somewhere. From gin tasting in a classic mini, to… Read More »

Figs on the Funcho Isolation activity – A simple way to paint a tree with blossoms

This week, we’ve been speaking to Cheryl from Figs on the Funcho over in the. Usually, she runs painting holidays from her stunning house nestled gently in hills of Southern Portugal, but she’s missing everyone terribly. Still she wants to share her skills and her knowledge in any way she… Read More »

Meet Cheryl – Figs on the Funcho

Recently, we’ve been chatting to Cheryl over at Figs on the Funcho in the Algarve, Portugal. She’s been trying to use her time in isolation to develop good habits that will stand her in good stead once the crisis subsides. Her house – in the picturesque hills of Southern Portugal… Read More »

Jo – Art le Peyrail – Interview

Last week, we met up with Jo from Art le Peyrail (electronically, of course). She is a celebrated artist who runs art courses out of South West France in an intimate farmhouse that she renovated with her family over five years ago. She’s incredibly friendly and always happy to share… Read More »

Isolation Diary – Jo at Art Le Peyrail

A couple of weeks ago, we spoke to Jo from Art Le Peyrail – a picturesque painting and art retreat in South-West France. In her semi-rural setting, getting her hands on all the essentials she needs has been a little difficult, but they’ve been very much making do. And what… Read More »

Isolation Diary – Roberto, Costa Rica

We’ve been chatting to Roberto, our partner in Costa Rica, to learn a bit about how he’s finding his time in isolation. Roberto love to plan experiences that show off his home country, but that’s a bit on hold at the moment. So, he’s using his time to catch up… Read More »

Essaouira Images – Isolation Activity

As part of our ‘Stay Home, Stay Connected’ series, we’ve asked some of our hosts to share what they’re getting up to during lockdown. These isolation activities will show how people around the world are coping with the boredom – and hopefully, they’ll give you some inspiration for something to… Read More »

Seeking Rome’s Best Wine Bars

Piazza del Popolo was sinking into a contented Saturday night haze. The sun was setting over the Vatican, casting dark shadows across the cobbles of the square and sending jetstreams of silver-orange cloud into the ever-deepening blue sky. As locals and tourists alike mingled and chatted contentedly in the ancient… Read More »

Back to Nature in Costa Rica

“There’s the only army you’ll find in Costa Rica.” Our guide through the Corcovado National Park points, and a group of dazed and jet-lagged tourists peer at the ground. A highway of ants stretches from one side of the path to the other, with many carrying slices of green above… Read More »