Northern Lights with Snowshoes


Take a walk on the wild side through the snowy fells in your snowshoes and experience the magic and wonder of the Northern Lights.

In the quiet forest, the only sound comes from the crunching snow as you walk over the snowdrifts that can get up to one-meter-thick in your snowshoes past the trees bent under the snow.

The slumbering forest is lit only by the moon and the millions of stars. You feel connected to the ancient nature.

In the fell, a cozy hut is waiting for you to build a fire and enjoy hot drinks and snacks while you wait for the Northern Lights to flare up.

With any luck, you get to be witness to a magnificent show as the waving Northern Lights expand across the universe.

What's Included

Warm clothes
Necessary equipment
Food & Drinks

Other Information

Child: 4-14
Infants: free

This experience is also available in Levi.

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