Northern Lights by Limousine


Enjoy the luxury of travelling in style in your own limousine, whilst you indulge in a little food and drink before hopefully witnessing the splendour of the stunning Northern Lights!

Take a comfortable seat in the Northern Lights Village’s limousine and enjoy the nocturnal, wintry landscape.

We will drive through silent, unlit roads of rural Lapland far away from villages and light pollution to see the Northern Lights.

Your guide will take you to locations where the conditions are most optimal for the northern lights to appear. When an aurora burst is spotted, the guide will stop the car and you can hop out to marvel at the spectacle. Or just pop your head out the limousine roof window if you don’t like the cold.

After that we will drive up to a quiet spot to make a fire and enjoy warm drinks and an evening snack.

What's Included

Guiding in English
Warm Drinks & Snacks
Thermal Clothing inc. Overalls, Boots & Gloves
Limousine drive in Inari-Sodankylä region

Other Information

The Limousine Aurora hunt is a private activity for 1 – 7 persons (the limousine seats up to 6 people in the back and 1 in the front seat next to the driver).

Photography oriented: Our guides are professional aurora photographers and are equipped with professional camera gear and they can capture the special moments for you.

If you wish to take you own photos the guide will share his/her tips and tricks to help you capture the perfect frame.

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