Husky Safari (4 Hours)


Sixteen ice-blue and chestnut-brown eyes shine with excitement as the eight wolf-gray huskies eagerly await to run over the fells.

Driving a team of huskies over the white, shimmering fells is an experience that is almost mandatory during a trip to Lapland.

The eager dogs run at full speed and the sled glides effortlessly over the snowdrifts with the skids hissing softly. The lead dog turns to look at you at a crossroads – right or left? Mush!

The husky safari takes you on a fast-paced trip over the untouched snow of the fells and the forests surrounding the Northern Lights Village.

This is an experience that you will never forget!

Other Information

On 2-person sleighs, one of the guests rides the sleigh – sleighs are not ridden by the guide

This experience is also available in Levi.

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