Sicily Gourmet Tour

From £2050 pp

Italy, Sicily

7 Days

1 -8

Sicily Gourmet Tour

From £2050 pp

What You'll Do

This is a truly unique and in-depth exploration into Sicilian cuisine and culture. Experience local delicacies in hand picked restaurants and the traditional methods of Sicilian shepherds. Explore the streets of Sicilian towns, trek an active volcano and marvel at a 15th Century castle. This experience will leave you speechless.

Dates for 2022
11-17 July
*Please ask for a quote if you would like a private tour at anytime.


Chat with the "Don" of Ragusa just like a local

Explore and try the produce of a traditional bakery

Local beer tasting

Explore the chocolate town of Modica

Visit the Valley of Temples

Spend a morning with Sicilian shepherds & try their traditionally made cheeses

Taste local Sicilian wines

Explore the small Sicilian towns of Taromina & Giardina

Trek a volcano & be rewarded with local wines and delicacies

Your Local Host:

Angelina Fadda

Tell me a little bit about yourself

I am Sardinian but was born in the North of Italy, my parents decided to return to Sardinia when I was 8 because Sardinian people have a strong attachment and bond with the island where we lived in Oristano. What I do is my passion, I am very lucky. I love travelling and would say I am a globe trotter. Read More

Experience Itinerary

Explore Ragusa & The Local Cuisine

We will meet at Catania Fontanarossa Airport in the morning (time can be arranged according to clients’ needs).

Our tour in Sicily will start from the gorgeous Baroque city of Ragusa, a real treasure chest, where art, nature, culture and gourmet cuisine make up the soul of this incredible Island.

Our boutique hotel will welcome you with a gourmet seafood lunch. You will have the chance to taste the influences of North African that remain present from history in local recipes.

In the afternoon you will discover the beauty of the city and experience its magic atmosphere as locals do. You will stop at the bar “in piazza” for a chat with the “Don”. This is the title used as a sign of respect to local elderly people and given to the most important people in the villages, it was historically a title for nobility which the Mafia adopted in the 1920s to show that the are chiefs  (as in the Godfather Movie).

Dinner will be in a characteristic Sicilian locanda. You will be astonished by the warmth and hospitality of Sicilian people, and experience an amazing journey of the best traditional gourmet products from the area.

Bakery Experience, Castle Visit & Beer Tasting

Ready to taste the delicious original “cannolo Siciliano”? Our day will start with a visit to one of the most famous dessert bakeries in Sicily. The island is known all over the world for the richness and goodness of its desserts,  such as cannolo, cassata and an infinite more incredible delicacies, get ready! Of course we will also meet the artisans that make these stunning and delicious masterpieces, and learn the secrets of their delicious recipes.

After our visit to the bakery, you will head to the fantastic “Castello di Donnafugata”. This is an amazing castle built in the 15th Century yet is still incredibly preserved. Visiting this artistic jewel will make you feel as though you have jumped back in time.

After lunch a “birra tasting” is waiting for us. The beers embody the flavours and perfumes of this stunning island.

Once you have finished the beer tasting, you will head back to the cozy hotel where dinner will be waiting.

Chocolate Tasting & Historical Site Visit

After our gourmet breakfast we will leave to the little village of Modica. Modica is the “chocolate paradise”.  Locals are devoted to the production of the best chocolate in Italy. You will be amazed by the variety of chocolates and by the delicious palette of artisanal products we will taste there. As Sicilians say, the perfume of chocolate is everywhere in Modica.

For lunch we will experience the classic Sicilian street food. Get ready for the best “arancini” you have ever tasted!

In time for the sunset, we will head to Agrigento, situated in the gorgeous “Valley of Temples” (Valle dei Templi), which is part of a UNESCO heritage site. The Valley is one of the biggest archaeological sites in the Mediterranean area, the city of Akragas, the ancient city in the middle of the Valley, was built in 582 B.C. The temple is perfectly preserved and dominates the scenery. The Valley of Temples will leave you speechless, at night the atmosphere of this magic place is truly unique.

A typical Sicilian taverna is waiting for us for dinner, where you will discover the “cucina agrigentina”.

Morning With Shepards & Stroll In Taromina

After a gourmet breakfast we will leave to the countryside, where will meet a family of shepherds. We will spend the morning with them, and follow the rhythms of their usual daily life. Of course we will taste their delicious cheeses that are made from their ancestors’ recipes.

Then back to Agrigento for lunch to eat some delicious “bruschetta alla Siciliana”? Everything will be accompanied by the precious “Nero d’Avola” wine, the delicious Sicilian wine known all over the world.

In the afternoon we will leave Agrigento for our next destination, the gorgeous Taromina!

Once in Taromina, and after some time to freshen up at the hotel, you will experience an unforgettable Sicilian aperitivo. Your evening comes with a view and a triumph of local delicacies. Finish the evening with  a romantic ‘passeggiata’ in the breathtaking and elegant downtown.

Volcano Trek

Today we will take part in breathtaking experience, and together climb the biggest active volcano on the Eurasian Tectonic Plate. It is a once in a life experience you can’t miss! The trek will include wine and food tasting and if we are lucky enough, the volcano will welcome us with a surprise.

After the trek, head back to our boutique hotel where dinner will be included.

Explore Taromina & Giardini

Today we will spend our day in Taromina and Giardini Naxos, and start with a “passeggiata”along the romantic seaside. You will dine in on of the nice bars for a coffee and some traditional pastries and discover the most gorgeous corners of these two elegant towns.

For lunch we will enjoy the typical seafood cuisine of this part of Sicily, in an historical restaurant that faces the incredible landscape.

In the afternoon you will have some free time for some shopping in Taromina.

Our elegant “Arrivederci Sicily dinner” will be a surprise.

Travel Home

In the morning you will be taken to Catania airport.

Location Information

  • 6 nights accommodation at 4 star boutique hotels with gourmet breakfasts
  • Visit to Modica for a chocolate tasting
  • Experience with Sicilian shepherds and cheese tasting
  • Classic Sicilian street food lunch
  • Visit to the Valley of the Temples and dinner in a Taverna
  • Delicacies and wine in Taromina
  • Wine and food tasting after a Volcanic hike
  • Day tour of Taromina and Giardini Naxos with coffee and pastries, and later a seafood lunch
  • Finish the day with an elegant “Arrivederci Sicily dinner”
  • Lunch and dinner at local handpicked restaurants (but not during free time)
  • Transportation to and from the airport & to the various destinations in the itinerary