Sardinia Gourmet Tour



Your local guide on this Sardinian Gourmet Tour will ensure you have the most comfortable all access gourmet tour of the region. From spending time with Sardinian Shepherds, getting to know a Sardinian family and spending the day with a local chef who is single handedly upholding traditional pasta making of her region, you will have an extraordinary time that you will never forget. This experience gives you unique access into Sardinia, its history, rich culture and love of food.

Highlights of the Trip

  • Learn how traditional Sardinian almond cookies are made
  • Be entertained by Sardinian Shepards & taste their traditionally grown and reared produce
  • Spend the day with a Sardinian family and help them prepare for lunch
  • Visit stunning beaches and admire the Sardinian Giants
  • Discover the making process of local Sardinian Pecorino cheese
  • Wine tasting at a local cantina
  • Cooking class from a local chef and learn the secret to traditional Italian pasta making

What's Included

  • Transportation to and from Cagliari airport & to the various destinations during the trip
  • Accommodation in boutique hotels (4 stars)
  • Lunch & dinner when specified at handpicked restaurants
  • Visit to bakery & learn how to make Sardinian cookies
  • Sardinian shepherds experience
  • Spending a day with a Sardinian family
  • Wine tasting
  • Visit to a cheese creamery
  • Cooking class with local chef

What's Not Included

  • Lunch and dinner not included when guests have free time
  • Flights
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  1. Snapper

    Wednesday 5th June, 2019
    I'm sharing this post and site with all of my friends I wish to introduce you to Angelina who shows people the beauty of Italy and Sardinia, her homeland. Angelina is one of the most respected food and wine tour operators in all of Italy which is noted by the respect that is given to her and her touring crew when arriving, well, everywhere and anywhere really. Be it food, wine or history her tours are a ‘one stop shop’.

  2. Teresa

    Sunday 12th May, 2019
    I would like to thank you again for all that you did to provide me with such an incredible experience of the amazing cuisine and culture of Sardinia, and the opportunity to engage with such genuine people. They were so warm and welcoming and all were delightful company. Please pass on my sincere gratitude for their wonderful hospitality and reiterate just how much I appreciated the superb meals they prepared for us. Everything was so delicious and the best food I have ever eaten! Each and every activity you organised was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I will cherish these memories always, as I will the opportunity to have met you, Angelina, and to know such a true and insightful person, whom I would be honoured to call my friend.