Culinary & Cooking Day in Roman Countryside (By Train)


At a short distance from the city, on this unique experience you'll discover the famous, traditional Roman dishes in a fully authentic setting - Villa delle Magnolie, a beautiful estate in the countryside between Zagarolo and San Cesareoc. After a tour of this wonderful villa and picking the vegetables for the meal, you'll head to the kitchen and learn the authentic methods of Roman cooking.

In about 30 minutes from your departure at Termini Railway Station, you will reach Zagarolo where you will meet your guide who will escort you to the Villa delle Magnolie, a beautiful estate in the countryside between Zagarolo and San Cesareo. This area has always been known as “The Garden of Rome”, thanks to its artistic treasures and beautiful medieval towns perched on gentle hills giving an incredible charm to the general landscape.

At the Villa, you will be greeted by Eddy and Jessica, the owners of the estate. Eddy is a world of characters in one person: artist, musician, food journalist and publisher. Once you arrive at the estate, he will show you the interiors and the large garden of Villa delle Magnolie, with its terrific panorama over the valley below. Then, he will take you to his vegetable garden, where he will show you all the vegetables that grow there and he will make you pick some of the fresh ingredients that you are going to need for the recipes.

Now that you have all the ingredients, it is time to take action. Enter the kitchen with Eddy and immerse yourself in a full course on Roman cooking. You will learn how simple the secrets of Italian cuisine are, like the best ways to eat seasonally, how to make the perfect pasta and the best suggestion for a great second course.

After a charming welcoming appetizer, you’ll learn to cook the typical Pasta with “Amatriciana” sauce or a fantastic “Carbonara”, depending on the season. As for the second course, the meat will be the main ingredient, thanks to famous dishes like “Pollo alla Cacciatora” (chicken with wine, sauce and vegetables) or “Abbacchio al forno con patate” (roast lamb with potatoes).

After all your efforts for preparing this delicious food… it is time to eat! Enjoy your lunch with Eddy and Jessica, accompanied with a selection of local red wines.

Highlights of the Trip

  • Very peaceful Day Trip at a short distance from Rome
  • Visit and enjoy an authentic country estate
  • Learn to cook a traditional Roman 3-course meal using local, seasonal ingredients. Then enjoy the fruits of your labor with lunch inside the estate

What's Included

  • Free pick-up service from your accommodation in Rome, if centrally located, to Termini Rail Station
  • Round Trip train ticket from Rome to Zagarolo
  • Cooking class with all ingredients
  • Final lunch with 3 courses menu with wine
  • Enjoy a small group of 8 people or fewer for the best intimate experience

Other Information

Departure Details

The departure will be from Termini Railway Station, if you are staying in a centrally located hotel, we gladly offer the transportation service from the hotel to the railway station; in this case the pick-up will be approximately at 09.30 a.m. The train leaves at 10.15. In about 30 minutes you will reach Zagarolo where you will meet our representative that will escort you to the Villa delle Magnolie.

At approximately 04.00 p.m. you will return to Zagarolo Railway Station. You will arrive at Termini Railway station at approx. 05.15 p.m.

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