Walking Monopoli Old Town


Discover Monopoli old town with a local guide who tell you about local history and art of this very old city on the Adriatic sea.

Monopoli, the sea and the fishermen. Monopoli with the cathedral and all the churches. Monopoli with its squares and narrow alleys. Monopoli with its rich past full of history which we will hear about while we are walking in the old town around the harbour. Situated in the centre of Apulia, 50 kilometres from the airport of Bari and 70 from Brindisi airport, Monopoli is an authentic town with an old historical centre still inhabited by the local people. The baroque cathedral built back in the XVIII century on the ruins of the earlier romanesque church is the most typical monument of the town and it owes its destiny to the legendary Madonna della Madia, the Virgin painted on a byzantine icon who, according to the legend, was tied to a raft arriving in Monopoli in the night of 16th December 1117.

Monopoli is a town rich on historical and artistic heritage that you can visit. The church of San Domenico which is protecting the worshipped statues of the Saint Doctors, the church of Santa Teresa with the dome protruding and thus visible from all over the historical centre, the church Santa Maria del Suffragio with the baroque altars and the exhibited skeletons of the brothers shown in wood showcases, the churches San Francesco d’Assissi and Santa Maria degli Almafitani with its crypt originating from the XI century. And then also the ring wall from the 16th century with the castle constructed under Carlo V by the Spanish during the 16th century.  Palaces for the noble families where now exhibitions and conventions take place, museums and lots of other impressive spectacles to explore with our guides.

What's Included

  • Guide in English
  • Tickets
  • Tasting of typical Apulian products (extra virgin olive oil, wine, snacks, biscuits, marmalades)

Location Information

The tour starts and finishes in Via Porto n. 8 in Monopoli old town

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  1. Carol

    Saturday 6th October, 2018
    We went to Monopoli on our recent trip to Italy to see where my husband's grandfather was born. Antonella was aware of our goal and gave us a personalized tour to include where he lived and the church he attended. Antonella knows and loves Monopoli and you can feel that. The tour ended with a sampling of wines and spreads at a local shop. A delightful morning.