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About Henk Brand

Tell us a little about you and what inspired you

“I grew up in Stellenbosch, a small rural town in South Africa, that is close to both the mountains and the ocean. The city life there was quite unique, but as a child I was always on the look out for adventures, whether it was high in the mountains, on a bike, running along the coast, fishing, or even snorkelling. I got so bored and always wanted to try and find new things.

So, I set off exploring the mountains, trying to find alternative hidden routes, secret tracks and trails, rediscovering what has been around from the early 1900’s when Table Mountain and Cape Town as a whole was first explored. It created so much opportunity and then I began taking friends and tourists that have stayed with us on these track. Their feedback was brilliant, they really enjoyed it, they loved the fact they go off the beaten track and it was secretive and exclusive. From there Secret Adventures was born, offering unique and personalised adventures around Cape Town.”

What is special about your experiences?

“Well my experiences are really trying to focus on bespoke personalised adventures, with smaller, intimate groups. I make sure that I take my adventurers off the beaten track . It is always going to be an adventure, it is not easy, it is not difficult, I tailor my trips to the individual level of everyone coming.

From all the experiences I offer, my favourite is definitely the ‘Table Mountain Secret Summit.’ It offers variety, with so many different kinds of trails that I can take people on, from beginner level hikers to the more experienced. The landscape is beautiful and there are caves, where we can sit and have a picnic whilst discussing the history of the mountain and route. I think the ‘Table Mountain Secret Summit’ is my favourite one because it just caters for everyone and it’s always exciting, with each new group of people, it is a new adventure.”

What is your favourite thing about your city?

“Cape town is such a diverse and interesting city, I would say that the mountain ranges and the ocean, the nature, and everything around it is my favourite.

As soon as I go into nature, I am immersed and I zone out. This is my passion, I could spend nights amongst the mountains, and the caves, taking in the breathtaking nature.

My favourite beach in Cape Town is called Bakoven, it is very close by and very secluded and it is great for a BBQ or overnight camping trip.”

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