Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we want you to behold just that. There’s a lot to be discovered in each of our featured destinations and in many ways – choose from a range of health and wellbeing activities for you to explore the finer things on your holiday.

What you can expect from our health and wellbeing activities?

Sometimes, you just need to give yourself a break and some TLC. No matter what activity you decide to do, it’ll be true to the city, town, village, or local community you’re visiting. Like all Not in the Guidebooks activities, your health and wellness activity will be one you’ll always remember.

What type of health and beauty activities do we offer?

Our hub of adventure and opportunity is forever growing and we’ll be adding exciting activities for you as and when they’re discovered by our local ambassadors. Here’s our favourite health and wellbeing activity for those lucky enough to travel to beautiful Cape Town.

Honey Bee Spa in Platbos Forest, Cape Town, South Africa

Take an adventure to the southernmost indigenous forest at the top of Africa and enjoy a Bee Spa session. This magical experience will be one you’ll remember forever. Surrounded by pristine, untouched forest, you’ll experience a guided walk and listen to amazing facts about the trees existing in the forest for hundreds of years.

Next, you’ll unwind, rejuvenate and enjoy the health benefits of the Honeybee in a unique hut. Indulge in a spa session, which allows you to relax while lying down and experiencing the sensory experience with the smells and sounds of the Honey Bee – without actually coming into contact with any bees.

Once feeling rejuvenated and relaxed, you’ll enjoy a South African lunch, full of delicious local cuisine and of course some natural honey too.

The only difficult part will be leaving…

Why should you try these activities?

For the health, wellbeing and nature loving enthusiast, or perhaps for those just wanting a relaxing break from a jam packed itinerary. It’s a unique experience sure to leave you buzzing and ready for the next part of your adventure.