The Essential Walk – Famous Women of Paris

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The Essential Walk – Famous Women of Paris

From £37 pp

What You'll Do

Discover Paris from the perspective of the women that shaped it on an alternative tour of this iconic and beautiful city, that gives you insight into the untold stories and the unsung heroes who have played such a huge part its history.

The meeting point is Outside Treize au Jardin café – 5 rue de Medicis 75006 and ending near the Panthéon in Paris’ Latin Quarter. this walk will guide you through the charming streets of the famous Left Bank, passing landmarks such as the Panthéon and the beautiful Jardins de Luxembourg unravelling stories of incredible women at every turn.

This tour reveals the lesser-told side of the city’s history; one dominated not by great men but by inspirational women, who persevered within a bastion of patriarchy to make their mark on Paris, and the world.

Come and join a passionate and local guide who can offer you a truly unique insight into one of the most well-visited cities in the world, and come away thinking differently about the historic treasure trove that is Paris.

This tour runs Monday to Saturday at 10am or 2pm for 2 hours. Please enquire about private tour prices.


Discover the stories that have shaped Paris from perspective of the city's influential women

Wander along the beautiful Left Bank of the Seine and stumble across local hidden gems

Get the local insight and hear fascinating stories you would never learn simply walking the streets

Your Local Host:


Hello! I’m Heidi – Paris tour guide. I made the move over to Paris from London in search of a new adventure in the French capital where I began guiding. Through guiding my love for Paris blossomed; I developed a fascination for all things French and a genuine joy for what I was doing.
In the past, Paris has been likened to a female muse, inspiring the many great male artists and writers who made their names here. But what about the women who lived here? What was Paris for them? Isn’t it time we heard their voices too?

Location Information

The meeting point for the tour is Outside Treize au Jardin café – 5 rue de Medicis 75006, where you will meet your guide, explore the iconic Left Bank of the Seine, drink in famous sights such as the colourful Jardins Du Luxembourg.

After around 2 hours, the tour finishes near the Panthéon in Paris’ Latin Quarter, where your guide will be happy to provide recommendations of where to go, or what to do, next.

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