The Northern Lights Above Saariselkä


This trip provides you the opportunity to experience all the greatest displays of the wintery nature of Lapland and the most enjoyable activities in a unique, first-class setting.

The Northern Lights were thought to possess great magical power and this is why the ancient Sámi shamanic drums have dedicated patterns for controlling the flames of the sky”

High-class accommodation in a cozy Aurora Cabin, whose glass roof provides an expansive view of the space above you, dog sled and reindeer rides, snowshoe expeditions into the magnificent wintery forests and fells. Delicious food prepared from only the purest ingredients of Lapland served by a warming fire and in a comfortable restaurant.

The entire program has been crafted with skill and passion so that you can enjoy the unforgettable experiences with all of your senses, without sacrificing comfort.

Highlights of the Trip

Day 1

Pick-up from the Ivalo Airport
Guests are welcomed into the Aurora Cabins
Dinner served in the cozy Lappi restaurant


Day 2

Reindeer Express Ride
Free use of sleds, snowshoes, skis
Husky safari


Day 3

Transport to the Ivalo Airport

What's Included

  • Accommodation in Glass-roof Aurora Cabin
  • Warm clothes and necessary winter equipment
  • Guide for all organised activities
  • Free use of Skis and Snowshoes
  • Transportation to and from the Ivalo Airport

What's Not Included

  • Flights

Other Information

Season Availability: 14.11. –  21.04.

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  1. Pushnik

    Tuesday 26th February, 2019
    I came to Finland for the Aurora, but I stayed for the people. They are the ones that took my stay from just plain awesome to completely amazeballs (so amazing that your balls will explode..which is really special, because I'm a girl)! Forget about going anywhere else and book your experience of a lifetime with this small team. Treat my new friends in a faraway land with kindness and respect and they will go above and beyond for you, guaranteed.