Festivals & Events

What to expect from our festival & special event experiences?

Our festivals and events are cultural experiences you’re not likely to find in any guide books. From local festivities in Sydney to religious events in India, our festivals and events are varied and offer insights into the country you visit and the people you meet. We offer activities that cover a range of dates & times, from 2 hour trips to day-long experiences, so you can plan your trip with ease. A festival or event is a great way to get a feel for a country and its culture, as you get to see a part of another person's culture that you may not be used to. We like to offer our guests a truly unique experience, so you can expect small local celebrations and friendly hosts— definitely not a basic tourist affair.

Festivals and events tend to be lively, so are really ideal for those who enjoy a good time or who love learning about new cultures. That said, given the range of our activities, you should also give them a try if you'd like to start to become more adventurous. Whether you fancy Kerala or Cape Town, we’re sure to have an activity to suit your skills & interests. If this sounds perfect, browse our Festivals and events by location or check out related activities that might take your fancy, like health and beauty activities.