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Of course we love local travel – it’s why we set up Not In The Guidebooks.

Here’s why we all think it’s the best way to experience a place.

1. Uncover things only locals know

It’s not just about the place round the corner that is quieter and has as good wildlife, or the best photo stop to capture what is really going, but also the best time of day / week to go there.

“The thing is, a lot of the bigger tour operators in Cape Town can’t be very creative, but we want to show the real Cape Town, because we think it’s such a cool city, we want to share that with everyone. We just thought “what would we love to do” and started building around that” Sophie, Partner Cape Town

“To me local is about the people, how the different areas have a different feel because of the different traditions played out by people from different cultures. It’s orientating our experiences to areas that are a little different because of the way people live  – for instance I live in the Italian quarter in Sydney which is filled with Italian influence – there’s even a replica piazza”  Sharon, local photographer Sydney

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2. Get away from the hoards

“With all the tours I do, I can ask ‘what do you like’ or ‘what do you want to see’ and I can change things to create something really personal that can get people away from the usual tourist spots and in to a real local experience.” Roger, Cape Town Partner

3. Support local enterprise

“Responsible tourism gets guests visiting Cape Town involved with helping out a community that really needs it.  I have been doing township tours for several years, and not everyone wants to go to a township because not everyone wants to see the poverty, but my tours are get you to work together with the people and make stories that way.”  Juma, Cape Town Partner

“When you go on holiday, you’re visiting, taking part in a different world, and I think it’s really important to give back and support that. There is a distinction between participating in these cultures and spectating them, and I think a lot of travel companies see local culture as a commodity to be traded.” – Carol, NITGB Founder

4. Really get to know a place

“When people come to Cape Town, they don’t normally see the Woodstock part of the city, but they really should visit it. There is so much street art, cool coffee shops, craft beers, shops and galleries and it is changing more and more everyday. It is a place where you can immerse yourself in the local people, city and creativity.” Juma, Cape Town Partner

“It’s called a social jam – it’s a mix of locals and travellers where you can meet new people in a relaxed environment.  I get all my ingredients from local suppliers – the Fillipi farmers – they supply 40% of Cape Town vegetables and the music is a big part of the experience – I work with local dj’s too” Jade de Waal, Partner Cape Town

5. Create memories you’ll never forget

“You tell us how long you have got and what wildlife you would like to get the chance to take photography of and we will design a day or a break that will give you the very best chance to capture some of Scotland’s best birdlife or wild animals.” Peter, Partner Scotland

“Travelling is the only way to really experience the world, meet the people that live there and see things from a different perspective. That’s why I think local travel is so important – meeting and interacting with people from around the world is much more interesting than just sitting by the pool. I want to help people make those connections and find interesting things to do on their travels.” Carol, the Founder of NITGB.