Explore London In A Classic British Car

£659 per car


Full Day

Private Tour for 1-3 People

What you'll do

Bespoke full day sightseeing experience with lunch and a difference. Your transportation for the day is a fully restored classic Mini Cooper and your very own passionate local guide to show you all that London has to offer.

London is vast.  You can live in the city your entire life and still discover something new every day.

Experience a hand-picked selection of the very best London has to offer on this 8-hour private tour. Whether you are interested in history, fashion, street art, food or the iconic landmarks London is know for, this full day excursion has it all. You will travel in a lovingly restored classic Mini Cooper with a passionate local guide to really make the city your own.

The trip is fully customisable to your personal interests and includes an artisan coffee stop in the morning and a street food lunch at a local market.

Bookings of more than one car can be arranged. Each car holds a maximum of 3 passengers. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!


Full-day sightseeing experience in a private, chauffeur-driven classic Mini Cooper.

A bespoke tour that showcases the best of London based on your personal interests.

Includes a morning coffee/tea break at a local Artisan shop.

Plus street food lunch at a local market.

Robert Welch

Your Local Host:

Robert Welch

Robert Welch was given a beautiful 1974 Mini Cooper for his 17th Birthday (Jules is still in the fleet) and began a relationship that was to take him from student to entrepreneur.

Robert dreamt of running a company that steered away from conventional methods of touring the capital, to found a company that only used a fleet of classic Mini.. Read More

Reviews (6)


Sunday 24th November, 2019

Such a fun way to explore hidden London in a beautiful vintage Mini Cooper. The highlight of going in November was to see the dazzling display of Christmas lights across town.


Sunday 26th May, 2019

I always drive my Mini by myself, it was my first time to sit back seat and someone drives for me. Mini requires a little bit knack to get out from the back seat, but fortunately I knew it. Left leg—->back—->head—->right leg. Vice versa when you get in. Enjoyed Tom’s driving technic with fabulous engine sound of Dorothy as well as his guide for scenic spots. I have tried this tour 4 years ago, too. Highly recommended!!


Saturday 16th March, 2019

This was the best highlight from our Europe trip! Their communication was excellent even with a big time difference. As I am a Classic Mini owner myself in Australia and always dreamed of driving the same mini I own in London, they even me the selfdrive element for no extra charge which is fantastic. We were picked up on time from our accommodation and was greeted by a lovely young guy! He drove us around a bit to get use to London traffic and then it was my turn to drive! We saw many different places and the tour guides knowledge was fantastic. He took us where ever we wanted and he had a story for everything. We stopped off at different places to give us a break and time to explore. The price was well worth it and highly recommend to people who want to see London in a different way! Best to do at the start of your visit to London so you can go back to places you visited during the tour! If you are not a confident manual drive then best to let the tour guide drive but if you love minis this is a must do!!! Best birthday ever!


Tuesday 8th January, 2019

It is a very unique a querky way to explore London Landmarks as well as going through back alleys. Tom our driver was super fun, had good knowledge and full of energy. To sum up, go for it you won't regret


Sunday 25th November, 2018

This was an amazing experience that was well worth the price. The privacy and individuality of the tour makes it truly unique! Tom is an epic driver with an awesome personality - picture Johnny Depp as a car enthusiast. 5 stars all the way!!! I wanted to surprise my boyfriend for his birthday & we were pleased. He’s a Mini Cooper fanatic so this was the perfect gift! He loved the tour & the entire experience. Tom is super knowledgeable & very laid back. I would highly recommend him for a tour.


Wednesday 4th July, 2018

We did this because it was different. We had lived and visited London in the past, and wanted to get a fresh perspective on the city on this visit having been away for some years. The combination of a passion for classic mini's, London, and looking at it all a little differently made this an intriguing tour choice. No mega BMW "mini" abomination here. The star was meant to be Lulu - a classic gleaming, head-turning, 1998 classic Mini. But top billing was shared by our guide and driver, Sam. She was brilliant. Smart, knowledgeable, and projected a confidence in driving in London that at all times made us feel safe. While never missing a beat shifting gears and weaving through London traffic, she worked out what we were interested in seeing, and showed us intriguing parts of London that we never knew existed, as well as the major attractions. With Lulu's top folded back on a sunny summer week day London morning, we felt part of the city and had that unique experience we were seeking. Highly recommended!

Location Info

You will meet at an agreed meeting point in Zone 1 Central London. Or alternatively, you can request a pick up from anywhere in Zone 1 Central London.

  • 8-hour private bespoke tour of London with local guide
  • Artisan coffee/tea stop
  • Street food lunch at a local market
  • Pick up from Central London (Zone 1)
  • Private chauffeur-driven classic Mini Cooper

Explore London In A Classic British Car