Dear old England. You’d have thought that a country that can fit inside eleven US states would be easy to summarise. Well let us tell you it definitely is not! In fact, the phrase ‘the full package’ would be perfect to epitomise the country’s allure. Whether you’re looking for an invigorating activity holiday in England or a unique English day experience, there are plenty of local activities to choose from.

Explore England off the beaten track and you’ll discover an exquisite collage of contemporary culture, captivating history, metropolitan cities and lush countryside. Whether it’s iconic landmarks in London, York’s medieval architecture, Liverpool’s docks, Dover’s white cliffs, or the Lake District’s lakes, there’s something here for everyone.

There’s a reason why London and England’s other big cities are often the clincher for most tourists when deciding to visit England. They offer everything from royal encounters, to world-class museums, major theatres and trendsetting nightlife. But step beyond these urban landscapes and you’ll find England’s beautiful natural environment.

With rugged hills, glorious mountains, vast lakes, deep woodland and cascading cliffs, England boasts 10 national parks and 33 areas of natural beauty, including the Lake District National Park, Cornwall and the New Forest. All of these natural beauties make for extraordinary adventures whether you like to hike, bike, climb or indeed swim.

With our unique England experiences and activities, you can expect more jaw dropping moments than there are symbolic red London buses and be prepared to leave with more fascinating stories than you’ll have time to tell your friends about. And trust us, you will want to tell them.