An Insiders view of Edinburgh and Scotland as a whole.

Hello I am Peter and I have partnered with Not in the Guide Books to bring together all the very best things to do in Scotland.

Scotland is a small country with just 5 million of a population with 4.5 million of that split between the central belt and the main cities. That means although small we still have lots of really wild and rural places to visit as well as modern and thriving cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow. Edinburgh is the 2nd most visited city in the UK after London. It is known globally for its summer comedy and arts festival that attracts over 1 million visitors and also for the best New Year Party in the World at the Edinburgh Hogmanay Event.

Scotland is of course also known for the traditional things like history and castles, tartan and our gift to the World Whisky, but come and see, we have so much more to show you.

When is the best time to go?

Scotland is a country of extremes, and the subject that always comes up with our guests is the Weather! Apparently, there are some rumours around the World that Scotland gets some bad weather. Let me assure you that in my fifty-plus years I can 100% say that Scotland does indeed experience some weather issues! However, they are good issues. It is not unusual to experience 4 seasons in one day so you get more weather bang for your buck.

The reality is the weather is a huge bonus to Scotland because if we had Mediterranean weather you would not be able to visit as we would be full all year round. As it is you can choose different times of year to visit from our pretty good summers to our stunning autumn and our challenging winters. All seasons have their benefits and we are happy to talk to you about the best time to experience in Scotland.

The best thing to bare in mind is to be prepared for most weather types, sun, wind, rain, and snow - bring suitable clothing for the season and a little more just in case.

A helpful guide for walkers and climbers at Scottish Mountain Weather Forecast:
The Mountain Weather Information service produces forecasts for a number of mountain areas in Scotland. A major revision for each area is released at roughly 4:30pm, with updates to the forecasts being made whenever necessary during the day. A necessary resource before taking off into the hills.

Must see

Top 10 things to see in Edinburgh
1. Edinburgh Castle
2. Holyrood Palace
3. Royal Botanic Gardens
4. Princes Street Gardens
5. Scottish National Gallery
6. Calton Hill
7. Rosslyn Chapel
8. Arthur's Seat
9. The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo
10. Edinburgh's Old Town

Our Tips:

  • Take a tour of one of Scotland's Whisky making distilleries, and try a wee dram while your there.
  • Enjoy a tour through the capital city of Edinburgh with your camera, history, art, culture all in one place.
  • Get some outdoor adventure in you life with adrenaline activities like white water rafting, canyoning and bungee jumping.
  • Explore the Scottish Mountains and Munro's in all their beauty.
  • Enjoy the Scottish Wildlife with a tailor made wildlife photography adventure.
  • Landyatching on the stunning St Andrews coast on the east of Scotland.
  • Take a cruise on Loch Tay with dinner on a secluded island.
  • Experience stunning landscapes that you can only reach by sea kayak and enjoy Scotland's abundant wildlife from a whole new perspective.
  • Try some Basking shark spotting from April to October each year on the west coast of Scotland.
  • The North Coast 500 circular road trip in the north of Scotland takes in the very best and most remote landscapes Scotland has to offer.

Our favourite experiences