Culture & Art

Art & Cultural Activities

Any discerning traveller knows that being immersed in the local culture is a huge part of the experience. From learning all about the people who live in a destination, to taking part in traditional customs and visiting unique historical landmarks, cultural activities can often become the most memorable and distinctive part of your trip.

What you can expect from our art and cultural activities

You don’t have to be a culture vulture or done hours of research to enjoy our variety of local art and cultural activities. Our local ambassadors know their home towns and the surrounding area inside out, and have lots of connections in the local community. This means they can recommend premier cultural experiences for tourists, which are not found elsewhere. We only promote art and cultural activities which provide benefit to local people and businesses, as well as helping travellers learn about the people and history of their destination.

What type of art and cultural activities do we offer?

As experts in world cultural tours we offer a wide range of activities to suit all interests. Whether you’re a foodie or an art buff, you’ll have a memorable cultural experience wherever you decide to go. Here are some of our favourite cultural tours:

Afghanistan to Persia Tasting Tour, Sydney

Sometime the best way to delve into a new culture is through its cuisine. Multicultural Sydney is a great place to explore a myriad of tastes, textures and smells. This four hour tasting tour includes traditional recipes from some of Australia’s newest inhabitants from Iran and Afghanistan, alongside personal stories of their journeys.

Traditional Mask Carving, Sri Lanka

Feeling crafty? Why not try your hand at an ancient art form with a celebrated local carving artist? Ambalangoda has a heritage of mask carving and painting, and this activity gives you the chance to learn more about the tradition. Using local eco-friendly materials, you’ll be able to get involved in the artistic process and of course you’ll have your very own mask to take home as a souvenir.

Walking Street Art Experience, Cape Town

Sometimes you visit a place and you’re lucky enough to have a free cultural trail winding across the city. Cape Town is one such place, where the streets are steeped in history and the vibrant neighbourhoods feature street art which tells a fascinating story. This guided tour of Woodstock and its colourful urban art is a must for anyone who appreciates local art with a political commentary. Cultural tourism is really important to us at Not in the Guidebooks – if you feel the same way, contact us to book your cultural activity ahead of your holiday.