For a truly unique travel destination, for those of you wanting to see a genuinely distinct way of life, look no further than Cuba. A real enigma, Cuba is a country that inspires, frustrates, shows off incredible beauty, and sends you completely mad all at the same time.

The staunchly communist Caribbean island is a little pocket of red in a sea of blue, and it’s reflected everywhere in the country. It’s reflected in the crumbling beauty of Havana, in the gorgeous old cars that cruise the winding (and often potholed) roads, in the houses and casa particulars, and in the somewhat hit and miss cuisine.

It’s almost thanks to its lack of modern development that Cuba boasts such architectural and natural beauty. Whether in the lush green hillsides, coffee and tobacco plantations of Viñales, or in the colonial gem of Trinidad, there is a certain grandeur to Cuba that feels truly unique.

And as it’s the Caribbean, there’s obviously no shortage of white sand beaches and beautifully warm seas, even if you might find public transport and getting wifi somewhat of a baffling mystery.

This quirky nature of Cuba can be deeply frustrating for many locals, but with tourism and catering some of the only private ventures that Cubans can enter in to, travelling there can take on an entirely different meaning to most of your holidays abroad.

But really, visiting Cuba is a truly rewarding, joyful experience. Incredible hospitality, endless rum and endless sun, the sound of guitars drifting from every street corner in the addictive Havana and sunsets that only exist in this part of the world – give Cuba a chance and it will reward you with an absolute party.