Guest review: why Tobias is no longer stuck in automatic after his photography weekend

Meet Tobias, a frequent business traveller from Frankfurt in Germany. Owner of an “affordable” compact Canon PowerShot who never knew photography holidays like this existed. Until now…

Tobias recently returned from a weekend photography holiday in the pretty pueblo blanco of Jimena de la Frontera in Andalucia, Spain.

There he joined professional photographer Alberto and other keen photographers looking to develop their skills. Here’s his story.

How did you find this photography weekend course?

My wife and I were invited to a wedding in Andalucia. After we decided to extend our stay, my wife started looking for activities to do in the area and came across

And then this photography weekend came out of it. I didn’t even know that you could do holiday courses on photography. It was very cool.

It was a great holiday. I enjoyed it very much.

What was the accommodation like on the course?

The photography weekend included 3 nights staying in the home of our photography tutor Alberto, a Spanish native, and his wife, who is from Australia.

What I liked was that it was completely different than what my holiday would normally look like. I’m a business traveller so I stay in hotels all the time, so I quite liked that I stayed at home with the family of the photographers.

Alberto is the technical guy with a passion for cooking and great food and Sue is the creative one.

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So did you learn some professional photography tips from Alberto?

Because there are two professional photographers teaching on this holiday, you really learn a lot over a short period of time. You focus on both the technical side and the creative side, and even with a compact digital camera, you’ll come back with amazing shots.

photographer helps student with compostion

Getting to grips with composition on location

I found the expertise and knowledge really great. Being professional photographers, they really know what they are talking about.

I learned a lot of techniques. How to use the camera like a professional. Before that I had the camera and it was pretty much on automatic, but now I really know how to compose the pictures the way I want instead of just pressing the button.

What was the food like in Spain?

Alberto comes from a family of restaurateurs and so knows a thing or two about food, cooking and hospitality! This shines through in the food that he cooks for his photography guests.

They just provided great service and were super friendly, cooking for us, having breakfasts together, getting us from the airport, dropping us off wherever we wanted to be dropped off at the end of the course… It was a superb holiday.

Will you continue to use your new photography skills at home?

Before this holiday, I was not a particularly avid photographer. My camera was usually just left on automatic.

I definitely use the skills that I picked up on the holiday now that I am back home! I am now taking quite a lot of photos.

I’m going to focus on composing the pictures to look their best.

Our holidays stay with you long after you get home. And you don’t even need one of those expensive cameras as big as your head with a lens as long as your arm to capture the best images.

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