Painting Holidays in France – Joan’s review

Blue Door

Once you’ve read all about Joan’s Painting Holiday in France, I defy you not to want to pick up your paint palette, easel and run away with your paintbrush tucked behind your ear to the Languedoc region of France, a land so full of culture and beauty.

On this 7 night/8 day painting holiday set in the pretty town of Lodeve, south west France, guests are at one with their (sometimes neglected, sometimes undiscovered) artistic flair and like Joan, guests are encouraged to  ‘rekindle’ their desire to draw and paint, by immersing  themselves in the surrounding architecture and scenic countryside.

The team love to hear about our inspirational painting holidays in action and I am sure you’ll all agree, Joan’s glowing review is a great accolade to all the hard work and dedication the hosts, David and Sally, invest every day into their magnificent painting holidays.

Here’s Joan’s story..

“It felt like a home from home. I had a comfortable room; there was a warm and welcoming atmosphere right from the start, and lots of lovely food and wine. You’re both great hosts and totally natural at making everyone feel at ease regardless of age, background, experience or nationality. I couldn’t help but feel like part of the family.

Sally, I loved it that nothing was too much trouble for you to deal with (or that’s how it seemed!) and everything was done with such sincerity and good humour. You’re such an amazing cook: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add some desserts to your repertoire!!! The fabulous food you prepare deserves to be rounded off with an equally fabulous finale. (Of course, I appreciate that it’s all very well and good for me to say so when I’m not the one making meals for a house-full of people. The cheek!) My apparent greediness in willingly accepting second helpings was an indication of how much I enjoyed your food. And, no doubt, an indication of actual greediness …

As for the drawing and painting, I confess that I was feeling very rusty but, David, you gave me lots of encouragement and made me believe that not only could I achieve good results whilst under your expert eye, but that I could continue to develop too. So now I have the basic tools to continue. Fearlessly, like almost everyone else, I noticed that your teaching style is subtle and gentle but it’s still hugely effective because it inspired me to work hard at producing my best. Frankly, if you spend time in a real-life, working artist’s studio – practically working alongside him – and you’re not inspired, you’re probably not breathing. I found it to be an enormous privilege. And evidently, you’re one of the best – internationally renowned, no less. (I was truly in the presence of greatness: an ordained Supreme High Grand Piano (or whatever)!) Everyone I’ve shown your holiday to so far has been impressed that I’ve been able to “hang out with” an artist of your calibre! When I told them you were a bit like James Robertson Justice crossed with Wikipedia they were doubly impressed.

If I haven’t already made it obvious, I am very grateful to you both. I only regret that I couldn’t stay longer. You helped me rekindle my desire to draw and paint and introduced me to another beautiful part of France (but it’s sunny here in Derby today so I don’t feel so bad) …”

If you like the sound of Joan’s experience and like I predicted, you want to elope right this instant, or even if you fancy unearthing some of your hidden/undiscovered talents for 2012, I can’t think of a better place to start than our holiday courses. Visit today and we’d be happy to talk you through some of the courses we offer, from Surf and Moroccan Cookery in Bouznika, to Italian cooking and wine holiday in Veneto.