My Flamenco guitar lesson in Seville

Flamenco guitar

We’ve received this email from one of our customers James who travelled from Hawaii to Spain and took a Flamenco guitar course in Seville at our fantastic Flamenco school…. check out the picture of James buying his Flamenco guitar from Guitarras Bernal in Sevilla – here’s what James had to say…

“I’m back from Spain and one of the highlights was taking the Flamenco guitar lesson.

My instructor, Francisco, was very knowledgeable and patient with me. The two hour lesson went by very quickly.

Francisco also took me to a guitar makers shop and helped me select a guitar to buy which arrived here in Hawaii yesterday.

Taking a class like this really gave me insight into the local culture that I would not have seen by just sitting and watching Flamenco musicians and dancers.

I will recommend taking classes of interest to my traveling friends and your company in particular.

ThankĀ  you again for helping to make my trip to Spain very special.