A real painting experience in France

France is well known for its dedication to promoting the arts, so it is no surprise that there have been so many great French artists, or those who have chosen to spend at least a part of their lives in France.

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your artistic potential if you were given a chance to flourish and express your own artistic potential? Nothing is stopping you!

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Ruth Buchanan explored this opportunity earlier this year on a painting holiday. With a help of an excellent tutor she immersed herself in the culture and the beauty of the French countryside, and painted some of the bravest work in her 30 years of painting. Her 8 day long painting experience was set in the unspoilt town of Lodève in Southern France. Hosts, drawing tutor David and his wife Sally welcomed Ruth and two other students to their home and artist studio.

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David is very experienced and passionate about painting, making sure your classes are tailored to suit the group’s needs, giving valuable personal assessment and above all, ensuring you have a great holiday full of painting, good food, wine and fun.

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Here is what Ruth has to say about David and Sally:

Teaching art is a tricky business – as always getting the balance between technique and expression in both student and master as well as in the work is key.

Having spent a week at David Mcewen’s atelier in Lodève, France, I can assure you that he is a master. There with two other artist friends, we soon referred to him as ‘the Boss’ [sic]. This implies a dictatorial trait that is not our intention. Instead David has a mastery of timing and does not say too much, but what he says is gold if you can put aside arrogance, self justification and the desire to express your own artistic and intellectual revelations (a problem for yours truly). Fortunately apart from the deep sigh and faintly baffled look, he is also extremely patient.

Sometimes an encouragement, sometimes a push, sometimes showing or simply handing you a book or a video from his extensive library to be inspired or enlightened by a past master’s work, he knows which approach, image, text or artist will move and motivate to get the best. I have done some of the bravest work in my 30 years of painting this week.

Add to that Sally’s wonderful cooking, care and frighteningly honest persona and you get a real painting experience in one of the most beautiful settings in France.

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The GoLearnTo.com team love to hear about your holiday experience and hard working and dedicated hosts such as David and Sally. Share you experience with us!

PLEASE NOTE: This holiday is no longer running. However, please check out what new and exciting Painting Holidays in France we now offer.