This painting holiday in Tuscany should be your next getaway

Under the Tuscan sun, paintbrush in hand, with your inner artist saying, “Ah, yes, this is the stuff” is exactly what’s in store on this Tuscan painting holiday. Oh, and there’s food (a cooking class)… and wine (a full-on tasting of the wine made onsite) plus a stay in the most traditional and rustic Italian farmhouse you ever did see.

Dive into this week-long itinerary and it won’t be long before you’ll be booking a ticket to this Italian paradise.

Day 1: Settle in

Settle in at the traditional Italian farmhouse (yes, this farmhouse, with the gorgeous views and massive pool) after checking in.

Then, meet your fellow travellers at the evening’s 3-course welcome dinner before a good night’s sleep.

Day 2: Italian cookery course

Relax by the beautiful onsite pool or explore your surroundings before retreating to the kitchen for an Italian cooking class. You and your fellow travellers will concoct a 3-course menu of typical Italian dishes in around 3 hours. Then, you get to sit and enjoy your creations over a bottle of delicious wine… which so happens to be made on the premises.

Days 3-5: Painting, painting, and more painting

Spend at least 3 hours each day letting your creativity soar on the farmstead or in the surrounding countryside. While painting is a good outlet for relaxation and a way to satisfy your creative side, you also get to go home with a pretty unique souvenir.

An English-speaking tutor guides you through every step and helps beginners to advanced artists improve their skills. And all materials are provided, so you don’t have to worry about overpacking.

Day 6: Olive Oil & Wine Tasting

Wine tasting in Tuscany

A trip to Tuscany is never complete without an Italian wine tasting course. Luckily, you won’t have to go far, as everything from the olives to the grapes are grown on site and turned into delicious wine (Chianti, anyone?) and tasty virgin olive oil. You’ll sip both between nibbles of bruschetta… it doesn’t get any more Italiano than that.

Day 7: Explore on your own

A good balance between activity and downtime is essential, and this painting holiday in Tuscany has both. After days filled with wine and good, paint-covered times, you have a full day to unwind by the pool or wander around the nearby town of Volterra, like these guys are doing:

The magic of Italy has inspired the minds of artists like Michelangelo and Rapheal, and continues to leave travellers dreaming of the day they can return for another bellissimo Italian holiday.

Italian farmhouse

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