Love the idea of being creative but not sure where to start? With pottery, ceramics, soap making to card making, jewellery and cookery all on offer in a gorgeous secluded villa, Karen & Kathryn’s craft taster holiday might just be the one for you.

But how did they come up with this amazing holiday for arts & craft lovers? Meet Karen and Kathryn, and learn how they transitioned into being their own boss and hosting the perfect holiday for like-minded creatives.

selfie of creative retreat hosts

Kathryn and Karen

What did you do before running your craft holidays?

We both worked for other people and companies, as well as having our own businesses. For years we worked most weekends renovating properties.

So what brought you to where you are now?

We decided to leave the UK for adventures further afield, and Kathryn had always wanted to live in Spain. Almeria was a great choice as it is unspoilt with warm weather for most of the year.

Our children had left home, so we sold up and moved over. We’ve never looked back and we are very happy here in South East Spain. Andalusia has so much to offer with amazing beaches, skiing in the mountains, the only desert in Europe, Moorish history and wonderful world heritage buildings.

Why craft holidays? Do you have any qualifications related to it?

Karen has a passion for just about any craft. Having free time allows her to try her hand at anything. I (Kathryn) on the other hand am very into DIY, gardening and cooking. We both regularly attend local cookery courses and thoroughly enjoy it in our down time.

Tutor Julie standing behind table of card making


The people who instruct on our holidays are very well qualified and have a world of knowledge to share! Trina Doerr is a professional ceramicist and painter who works from the Bedar Art Centre. She regularly exhibits in local galleries and studios, and you can see Trina’s installations in many villages and towns in Andalusia.

Julie Allen has been running her card painting workshops for over a year now and she’s very passionate about helping others develop their technique.

Clare Purt is our local jeweller and goldsmith. She has worked for many famous people, including the British Royal family, as well as TV’s Gok Wan! She now has her fully equipped workshop in her beautiful village house.

How long have you been running your craft taster holidays?

We moved to the area over 7 years ago and have been running them for just over a year now.

How did you come to find the villa you use?

You can see for yourself why we chose this amazing space, but a lot of its charm comes from the natural environment it’s in, and using it in and around the villa. For example, the tiles were recycled from other old buildings and really add a great deal of character to the building. We used many local craftsmen when it came to getting everything in place. Jo, one of the owners of our villa, has a very keen eye for interior design, which is why the house has been so brilliantly decorated.

White villa and outdoor table and boules area

The villa and outdoor space

We’ve heard you have some permanent residents, is this true?

Yes! We have 8 beautiful chickens who roam around our garden and provide eggs for many of the dishes we cook on our holidays.

We also have an orchard with 40 different types of fruit trees; oranges, limes, lemons, mangoes, avocados, plums, apple, pear, grapes, to name but a few. We use our oranges to make our famous whiskey marmalade, and I also grow some vegetables.

What made you fall in love with this location?

We love the outside spaces as there’s always a little nook to escape to; somewhere you can read your book, or sketch the countryside. The town of Lubrin is very close by and it’s lovely to chat to the locals over a cold beer.

How do you find local life and the people?

Lubrin is a small town with big character. There is a fruit and veg market every Wednesday. A large church dominates the town. Local ceramicist, Trina Doerr, is currently working on a beautiful tile mural to highlight the fuente at the foot of the town. There are great tapas and bars to try and a surprise to discover around most corners! There are fiestas in many months of the year, and Lubrin is quite famous for its food festival.

The best way to integrate into Spanish life is to learn Spanish. Kathryn has also joined the Bedar brass band and has learnt to play the trumpet! It’s a great way to join in with the fiestas.

Guests doing crafts around table outside

Guests get crafty outside

What makes your holiday a unique experience?

We make your holiday our top priority with your creativity and comfort at the forefront of our minds.

Trust me, by the end of the week you won’t want to leave. Our holidays are only offered for several weeks of the year because we really want to enjoy our time spent with our guests, and make it a top quality experience. We really enjoy meeting new people and making their time with us so special.

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