Guest review: Peter relives his photography holiday experience in Andalucia, Spain

Peter, an avid photographer in his free time, is no stranger to photography holidays; he is always looking for good-value holidays and new inspiration and tips.

This photography holiday in Spain with hosts Paul and Vikki was his third one with GoLearnTo, and he left an outstanding review.

We got in touch to find out more about why his week photographing the landscape and culture of Andalucia was amazing.

What did you enjoy most about your photography holiday?

The whole week was great! However, I think that the visits to Comares and the fun run were highlights. The visit to the Kitti Harri Garden was also amazing, as were the churches.

The locals also proved to be a big help – I got some great candid shots of people, and all the of the locals were more than happy to pose; in fact, they all hammed it up, making some of my candid shots a bit difficult after they caught me snapping them.

Did you find the tuition helpful?

The photographer, Rob, has a very good training style. I speak as someone who had a very successful career training managers all over the world about how to train and teach skills among other things.

I would describe myself as a keen amateur photographer rather than an expert amateur. The course notes he provided were excellent and I learnt much more than I thought I would. Right now, I’m thinking of coming back in 2019 (my plans for 2018 are already set).

I will be entering some of my shots from this holiday into my camera club competitions. They will be fully credited to this holiday, and hopefully, they might stimulate interest from some of the members to join.

What was the best photography tip you picked up?

There were so many but mainly there was a focus on composition, which I found helped me immensely.

Nearly everyone in our group had laptops and software that they worked on in spare time, so I would recommend bringing one.

From the photos of mine that I have reviewed so far – out of the many images I took – I can see that they are amongst the best pictures I have ever taken, which is very complimentary for this holiday.

creative guests enjoying lunch together on holiday in restaurant

When two worlds collide – painters and photographers enjoy a bite to eat

Did you enjoy shooting at different locations?

All the locations I visited were hugely interesting and I am home, as I mentioned, with some wonderful shots.

On our host Paul’s advice, I did not join the tour of Granada and the Alhambra Palace, as a lot of walking can get painful for me. Talking to other course members afterwards made it clear that Paul’s advice was sound.

Instead, I explored the local town and took shots of the local people and wonderful architecture. Both proving to be excellent subjects. I thoroughly enjoyed having the day to myself and stopped for refreshments and to relax whenever it got too hot.

Did you enjoy the meals?

Three times we did picnic lunches while on the go, such as bread, cheese, and tapas. The accommodation was in houses fully equipped with kitchens, fridges and washing machines. This meant you could do what you wanted for breakfast, sleep in a bit, and grab something on your way out. All of our dinners were spent out together in local restaurants.

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY. The bad news is it will take me some time to lose the weight I gained during the week.

Who did you meet?

There were six of us on the photography holiday, but Paul and Vikki also host walking and painting holidays, and this holiday coincided with eight painters. We all dined together in the evenings but had separate excursions during the day. Everyone was very friendly and sociable, and our dinners did include some wine which had us all in good spirits.

In my photography group, there was one woman about 45 who was born in England but now lives in Australia, an Australian couple, and 2 Americans from the Boston area. It was a good mix of couples, singles, and common interests to provide great entertainment throughout.

We all got along very well and also enjoyed the company of the painters in the evenings. I’m happy to say that the hosts are sending out a list of everyone’s emails so we can all keep in touch. Although I have emails for a number of them already.

How did you spend your evenings?

Evenings were really relaxing and sociable, as we always had dinner together and discussed the day.

As our accommodation is right in the village of Torrox, many of us would head out in the town for a nightcap to continue our discussions.

Torrox is a good size town, with places to walk and continue the evening with new friends. There is a good amount of choice in Torrox so you can try some new places.

Did you feel this holiday was worth the value for money?

Worth the value for money – wow did I! I only spent a few euros for a light bite in the morning and a few extra hours out in the evening.

This really is all-inclusive and has been half the cost of another photography holiday I did that was not inclusive of meals.

Where will your next holiday be?

The week was absolutely great for me and I will be back! I love sticking to photography yet scouting new locations. My other great hobby is music, so perhaps in the future I will branch out.

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