Guest review: Chris’ mosaic making holiday in Turkey results in a new passion

Here at GoLearnTo, we are always being inspired by our travellers and love hearing about their holiday experiences on their return. Chris was one of the ones that stood out. Her passion and desire to do something completely different to the norm led her to Turkey for a creative holiday that would see her learn a new skill from scratch.

When Chris returned from a ‘fantastic week’ in Turkey, she wasted no time sharing her experience with us and she choose a mosaics making holiday in particular.

While browsing the NotInTheGuideBookssite for her next holiday, Chris found a wide range of cooking, photography and fitness holidays to choose from. But nothing seemed to be grabbing her attention…

‘I had done cooking and photography courses before, albeit in London, so this time I wanted to do something different. I’m interested in more unusual experiences and wanted more inspiration which is why I chose the mosaic course as it stood out from the others.’

Read on to find out what made Chris’ holiday so special and see for yourself the results of her mosaics course!

Who else was on the mosaics holiday?cat sitting on mosaic work in progress

It was just myself on this course, apart from the resident cat which accompanied me at my work area most days!

But Ingi was a great host, taking me to visit some of the best places to see locally and was very giving of her time. She was easy to be with and very interesting to chat to – never a dull moment!

What was your typical day like?

Aside from the mosaic lessons, during my stay, we went swimming in the sea, went to the local markets, spent an afternoon at a luxury marina and visited local villages with dinner by the sea at sunset.

It was a perfect combination of creating artwork, culture and relaxation. I felt very safe everywhere and people are very friendly.

placing mosaic tile in unfinished pieceHow did your artistic skills improve during your stay?

I learnt a great deal about mosaic making, including choosing colours, tile cutting, how to use different materials and objects, and Ingi also gave me lots of ideas and information about where I can buy materials so I can continue with this wonderful art.

Expertly tutored step by step by my host Ingi, I was able to create a beautiful framed mosaic of approx 40×35 cm to bring home.

How was the accommodation?

The villa is perched on a pretty hillside and very spacious, overlooking the sea and private beach, which is only a short walk away. The views are stunning and there are local buses to the neighbouring towns.

My bedroom overlooked the sea and had been beautifully furnished, including a four poster bed. It was a very peaceful place to be – easy to relax, uncluttered and I felt at home straight away.

In general, it was clean and very comfortable, watching stunning sunsets from the large balcony and also have some time alone if needed.

Did you enjoy the meals prepared for you?

The food was excellent. The food was freshly prepared by Ingi’s partner David, who is a professional head chef so everything was delicious and filling.

David picked up on the foods I mentioned that I really liked and incorporated them into the meals during the week.

What was the highlight of your creative holiday?

The holiday highlights were many but to list just a couple would be that I now have the confidence and knowledge to create fun and interesting mosaics on my own, having spent a week submerged in an art that was new to me, whilst enjoying being out and about with Ingi.

It proved a wonderfully relaxing distraction from my hectic life. Well done Ingi for organising a fantastic and memorable week!

sea scene mosaic made on holiday in Turkey

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