A gorgeous, new destination to paint in France

Gascony is one of the most beautiful regions of France, making it an ideal place to visit for artists looking to bring the world to life on canvas. Because of its enchanting landscapes and local vibrancy, we are excited to announce a new partnership with a French painting school in this gorgeous piece south west France. Indulge your inner painter on a relaxed holiday with them:

Painting Holiday

Painting holidays

Take time away from the busy pace of daily life to enhance your skills on this painting holiday based in the wonderful countryside of Gascony, a region famous not only for its hearty cuisine and great wines but also for its varied and colourful landscapes of wheat and green fields, bustling local markets, Chateaus and more.

As well as brushing up on your painting skills, this holiday is an opportunity to develop your creative instincts and to absorb the captivating local landscape and French culture with delicious local meals, wine tasting, and village visits.

Find the full holiday overview on our site: Painting Holiday

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