Flamenco guitar in Seville – So good, I plan to move there permanently

Genti recently returned from a month long solo trip to historic Seville, spending some of that time learning the famous rhythms of flamenco guitar. Previously however he was a singer in a band for six years, only recently has he discovered all about flamenco.

“Flamenco music took me off my feet in a sense quite recently by surprise, it has become, by far, my favourite genre of music. There is nothing quite as raw¬†and passionate as a flamenco performance.”


He spent 5 days a week in guitar class with his teacher Manuel Berraquero.

“He was brilliant, a very talented guitarist, very patient, a genuinely kind person and great teacher. It was easy to feel excited about exploring the beautiful world of flamenco with maestro Berraquero. I was taken back by how many foundation basics and baby steps I had not learned before going to Seville.”

A love for learning something new

During the holiday, Genti also took Spanish lessons with teacher Carmela Gordillo.

“She understood that the best way to learn a language was conversation and immersion. Despite our different levels of Spanish, we had conversations and laughs with locals. She was immensely inspiring to my language goals as my music teachers were to my music goals. The school had a great atmosphere where I created valuable friendships with students and staff alike.


Tell us about Seville

“I spent a month in Sevilla and took classes for about 3 weeks, it is one of the most crucial cities to world history as we know it yet it has so much more. I found it to be a brilliant city full of culture, great food, great music, hospitable people and it was easy to navigate.

“I’ve travelled a bit but this city and its beautiful musical traditions truly revitalised me. I enjoyed it so much I am planning to go back and train as an English teacher in order to live and work there permanently.


And what about your first solo trip?

“I deliberately travelled solo as this was not just a flamenco mission for me, but one of self-rediscovery and crucial self-improvement. This was my first solo trip, I knew nobody at my destination. Arriving as a complete stranger was rather adventurous yet I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to make friends and get around town.”

What was your highlight?

“It is difficult to pick one highlight because it was such a rewarding experience. Overall, music, learning, making valuable friendships, good cuisine, good beer, and a renewed sense of purpose in life were my highlights.”

Would you go on another GoLearnTo.com holiday?

“I would and will recommend GoLearnTo’s holiday packages to everyone I know who’s interested in travel.”