Best eco-friendly holidays

Do you want your next holiday to be a more authentic experience and have a positive impact on the local people and environment?

Learning something new on holiday is not just about gaining a new skill, no matter what type of holiday you’re interested in, it’s a chance to get a real connection with the people, the culture, the food and the environment. So if you’re after responsible travel with a difference , our round-up of the best eco-friendly holidays is sure to inspire:

1.    Creative holiday in eco-retreat in Spain

Art break AndaluciaUnleash the creative within with week of painting, drawing, photography, and delicious food. You will be staying in a stunning eco-retreat set in a rural area of extreme natural beauty, set in the unspoilt Sierra de María-Los Vélez Natural Park, far from the noise of any city or town. There, sun and wind provide the energy and rain water is harvested from the roof.

Or stay at this retreat and experience the stunning landscape, the semi wilderness and the alpine desert of southern Spain through the lens on our photography learning and walking holiday.

2.    Surf in France, Biarritz


Would you like to learn how to surf the waves while staying at an environmentally friendly retreat? This might be a perfect holiday for you. The accommodation, a 300 year old recently renovated farmhouse, is built with all natural materials. You can also enjoy solar heated water, a tree hut, hammocks, a hydro pool, and much more.

3.    Yoga in Costa Rica


Ideal for those who would like to unwind and focus on inner development towards a peaceful emotional outlook in an eco-friendly accommodation. The retreat set in rain forest was purposely built with the environment and low impact construction in mind.

If you believe Asia might be ideal place for yoga course choose our:

4.    Yoga and Detox in Thailand


This yoga retreat has a strong emphasis on keeping nature-friendly standards high, while making sure you return home relaxed and inspired with a new energy. Eco-friendly accommodation prides on, among other things, solar power, rainwater harvesting, low energy appliances, and natural lightning.