When in Rome… John’s shining review of his one day cookery course in Mazzano, Italy

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When John from Dallas, USA left the review below on our website we just had to find out more:

“OUTSTANDING!!! Best day of our entire Roman Holiday and we thought the other days couldn’t be topped!”

John took our fantastic one day cookery course in the picturesque medieval village of Mazzano this October, which is located less than an hour’s drive from Rome, and couldn’t help being inspired by the friendly locals, fun lessons and delicious Italian food!


We interviewed John to find out more about his learning experience, read what he had to say about his cooking course below…

Did the cookery course meet your expectations?
YES, The course met all of our expectations and more!

What was your chef like?
Monica was our chef and did a fabulous job. Her English was great and her sense of humour priceless! She did an excellent job of explaining the dishes and how they would be prepared.

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What did you learn to cook?
An entire meal. Bruschetta, 2 types of chicken with homemade bread crumbs, Fresh pasta (Zucchini and cheese raviolis, fettuccini, Gnocchi) two different sauces, and  tiramisu for dessert

What was your favourite dish?
I thought the ravioli was excellent but the tiramisu was probably a close rival

What was your highlight of the day and why?
The highlight was of course eating everything we created. The other 6 people in the class were from diverse areas of the globe and of varying ages. One couple from New Zealand, another from Texas, 2 retired sisters travelling together from Ohio. I think each person brought a unique perspective to the day and the conversation was as stimulating as the cuisine.

Would you recommend this cookery course to others?
Absolutely yes! I already have.

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